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What’s Your Story – Amanda Mulder

Written by SWA

10th December 2020

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Amanda is a curious and creative world citizen who from the age of 6 experienced what it was like to search for her worth outside of herself. Believing it would be the next weight loss diet, house, course, job title, partner or travel destination that would fulfill her heart.

At 30 she had a wake-up call and quit her office job in Amsterdam and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico to go on a self-discovery journey around the world. Over the past 5 years, she met, trained and worked with various inspirational coaches, healers and social entrepreneurs who questioned her beliefs around the body, work, love, life and existence. 

When she lived in Lisbon in 2018, she met John Niland and collaborated on various community-building events, delivering the importance of self-worth to a young community of seekers. It ignited her own self-worth she had been seeking all these years and motivated her to continue the path as a coach and energy healer and be in service to all living beings. 

She is now settled in southern Spain, living a simple life in nature sharing joy through doing what she loves –  connecting people to people, people to nature and to themselves. 

Her style of coaching is intuitive, experiential and with tlc (tender loving care), empowering the person to freely express their body and voice, to courageously acknowledge their infinite talents and to wholeheartedly appreciate all aspects of life. 

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