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Throughout 18 years of business coaching, I’ve often observed how a person’s relationship with themselves drives their behaviour towards clients, colleagues and peers. For example, when someone goes for an interview (or a first meeting), what is their intention?  Are they trying to impress, or are they trying to explore? Are they interested in making a good impression, or in how they might bring value to the role? Like the proverbial iceberg, self-worth is the 80% below the waterline, driving a multitude of behaviours above the waterline.

Then, in the years 2015-16, I got a personal lesson in self-worth. One after the other, I was hit by a series of personal losses (end of a relationship, project-failure, Brexit and its consequences, the death of my mother) and suddenly I was that person self-preoccupied with the “Who-the-hell-am-I” question. Though I might have intellectually understood the difference between conditional self-esteem and intrinsic self-worth, I found I was certainly not living it.

The Self-Worth Safari grew out of my own struggles and the subsequent discovery that I was not alone. It has turned into the adventure of a lifetime: the realisation that no matter what is happening around me, I can always be a friend to myself. Having piloted this with c. 120 people, we see the power of self-worth to transform careers, sales, confidence as well as a host of personal applications: from self-care to sense of purpose.



As the Entrepreneurship Program Manager, Isabel focuses on developing content and partnerships to empower independent professionals. Over the last years, more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs as an alternative to corporate work, having said that, the competition on the market becomes asphyxiating if one can not focus on the value of their work. “When we are able to use a self-worth approach, we can smoothly swift from being interesting to being interested. This enables entrepreneurs to offer a tailored product accordingly to their clients needs”.

Isabel Lima has been living in Europe since the beginning of 2018. It was on that same year when she got to know the Self-Worth Academy. During John’s pitch about the difference on self-worth x self-esteem on a social innovation event, the impact it had on her was immediate and she started working as part of the team two weeks after. 

Isabel’s background is on architecture and urban development, but her focus has always been working and studying bottom up approach, in order to empower communities and individuals. She is passionate about social impact and on human approaches to tackling the problems of our technological world.


Mobile: +351 910 555 930


Nicole comes from a communications, health and wellness background and is a passionate advocate for developing individuals and communities. Her experiences have Taken her across the corporate, university/research sectors as well as entrepreneurial spaces. Raised as a third culture kid,
Nicole´s personal and professional journey spans Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States enriching her experiences and reference point in self-development for personal and professional growth.

Nicole´s experience and training in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy, and Self Worth, have added to her eclectic toolkit. Using different tools and techniques enhances her approach and capacity to relate, share and personalize to her clients needs.

Today Nicole continues to advocate on a holistic approach to the development of individuals and their small and larger communities ¨It is important to innovate with information and education alongside our constant changing environments – political, social as well as technological and how these impact the way we live, work & play. In an ever-changing economy it’s crucial to connect individuals, & communities to resources that will support & enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing for the best quality of life.¨

Nicole is a published author in the journal of Health Promotion Practice, 2015 and publishes content on wellness experiences and travel. She is the Co-Founder of a tailored lifestyle travel and wellness business, Guatemalan Experiences.

Mobile: +351 917 422 324



As Self-Worth Academy’s Education Program Manager Ashley’s focus is on integrating self-worth programming into the classroom and beyond by creating self-worth awareness for young people, educators, support workers, parents and carers. “The first major step in the self-worth movement is being able to differentiate between self-worth and self esteem. Once this distinction is made the roots of self-worth can begin to grow on the basis of believing that we are
valuable and worthy regardless of our accomplishments or failures”.

Originally from Canada Ashley has spent the last 5 years as an expat living in the Maldives and Malta. She has now settled in Portugal with her husband and daughter. Her time abroad has widened her global perspective and heightened her interest in cultural understanding. It is Ashley’s background in Sociology, her time as a professional instructor and her previous work with children as an in-school recreation coordinator that fuels her passion to make positive change in the field of education. Her areas of particular interest include resilience, intrinsic motivation, recognition, addiction, self-diagnosis and labelling.

Ashley is also the Chair of Self-Worth Academy’s Education Advisory Board. She welcomes the opportunity  to speak with academics, support staff, policy makers, and professionals in the education sector who work with young people in an effort to gain valuable insights and to form partnerships. Feel free to reach out to Ashley to learn more about her role at Self-Worth Academy and our Education initiative.


Telefone: +351 911 111 323

A Priceless Gift

A Priceless Gift

As we approach Xmas and the season of gifts, I’m reminded of a comment made by a man I spoke recently. He talked about self-worth “as the most valuable gift I have ever discovered: more precious than anything I could ever be given”. He meant this literally; not as a...


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