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Safari groups are small groups of people who take the Self- Worth Safari together, to help implement the shifts and to share the experience of new confidence and freedom together.

Online Safari

If you are keen to learn more, join our
weekly online self-worth safari calls.

Weekend Safari

Due to the current situation, we are
not hosting offline events.

The purpose of working with others is twofold. First, we experience what we are reading at a slower pace. It’s one thing to allow your brain to conceptually glide across the page, absorbing ideas. It’s entirely another to slow down and feel these phenomena in your body, to really see the habit of negative self-reproach, for example. We can only change by experience, not by ideation.

The second reason is best explained by what I now call the “Paradox of Self-Worth.” Sustainable self-worth sometimes needs to be kick-started from the outside; thereafter, it can usually sustain itself. It’s like a motor that needs a battery to get going.

In a group setting on the Safari, we learn to develop unconditional self-worth together. Reading provides a good introduction to the concepts, and group work supports putting these into practice in our lives in a very real way.

For some, joining the Safari has been a celebration of the self- worth they already have. Equipped now with a better awareness of self-worth, they find they benefit from deepening and nurturing a sense of friendship with themselves. Perhaps they have been applying this well in personal relationships, but now they want to apply self-worth in their careers as well. Or perhaps they have been successful in work but attempts at home have not yet proved so successful.


Join the Online Self-Worth Safari:

The purpose of the Online Self-Worth Safari – a 7 week program to develop self-worth – is to support people in their journey to deeper self-worth, as well as those who are further along this road already. We are hosting weekly calls, with our associates joining along the way.

For more information on the next cycle, please contact

  1. Introduction week 
  2. Self-Worth and the Body 
  3. Self-Worth and Relationships 
  4. Self-Worth and Career & Work 
  5. Self-Worth and Money & Status 
  6. Self-Worth and Friendship 
  7. Self-Worth and Environment/ Leisure


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