Self-Worth in Times of Transition

There are many people in transition right now: in work and personal life. In this webinar, John Niland will be joined by Lindsey Sanders and Kerry Thompson to examine:

  • Why self-worth is vital in times of transition
  • 4 common examples of self-reproach (e.g. “I shouldn’t be here”)
  • Pitfalls to avoid (e.g. a vortex of self-analysis)
  • Specific tips for young people, career-professionals and leaders
  • 5 practical ways to energise your days


In ‘The Self-Worth Safari’, author, speaker and business coach John Niland invites us on a powerful adventure to discover how to step off the hamster wheel of self-esteem and switch onto the untrodden paths of self-worth.

In a world obsessed with proving ourselves John founded the Self-Worth Academy with the aim of supporting each other to develop/strengthen an unconditional friendship with our own selves.


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