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As many people have plans disrupted by Covid-19, a few of us have decided to host a “BLOOM ON ZOOM”, a professional weekly brainstorming to create value together during these strange times. Think of it as a Monday Motivation call, if you like. 


If you are keen to learn more, join our weekly online Monday Motivation calls.

Starting on March 9th 2020, every Monday at noon UK / 13h CET, we will brainstorm creative & valuable ways to use your enforced home-working (or quarantine!) 

No slides, just humans co-creating ideas and sharing experience! Lots of cross-pollination, with no risk of infection  🙂   You are welcome to join us and also to share this event with friends and colleagues.

Led by various self-worth associates, just like Self-Worth Safari. Here are some of the proposed topics for discussion in the next few weeks: 
– Five valuable things to do when grounded 
– Adapting our plans for a new reality 
– Tools to engage teams who are working remotely 
– Creating a routine for productivity and focus 
– Self-care when isolated, cut off from others, or dealing with setbacks 
– and no doubt many other seedlings, that that will sprout during springtime 

Join us for an informal “Bloom on Zoom” on Mondays, sign up below!


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