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Sales Course – The Art of Value-Centred Selling

April 28



1. Why? Today’s markets are characterised by closer competition, globalised supply chains, buyer sophistication, consensus decision-making and general “commoditisation” of all expertise and services. Taken together, these forces make premium-price selling harder (and slower). When suppliers are pitted against each other, often the only response is discounting, which is a losing game for everyone. When it comes to value, there is a downward gravitational pull, that tends to devalue all products and services over time.

2. How it differs: Many sales approaches attempt to demonstrate “we are the best”. Which we may well be… but it’s all too apparent to savvy buyers that this is what we are doing, so they tend to not pay too much attention to these assertions. In value-centred selling, the focus is not on us, at all: it’s on the customer’s needs and risks, on the approach that the customer needs to take to maximise competitive advantage. We campaign not just for us, but for a wise choice of approach.

3. Partner vs Servant: The relationship with the customer is not one where we (the supplier) get told what we have do. Right from the first contact, we aim to create a partnership relationship with the customer, not a relationship of servitude. This is self-worth in action.

4. Evolution of B2B selling: While relationship-builders still do well at opening opportunities, there is growing evidence that they are NOT always successful at closing sales… particularly larger, complex sales. It’s more effective to be able to challenge the customer’s thinking, by introducing fresh insights, tailored to their world.

During this course we will analyse the 7 steps that allow you to position yourself Value-Centred Selling.

Ao longo de um dia, vamos analisar cada um dos 7 passos que permitem posicionar-se ‘value-centred selling’.

Step 1: Preparation

Step 2: Discovering the Needs

Step 3: Re-establishing Requirements

Step 4: Options and Fees

Step 5: Dealing with Objections

Steps 6 and 7: Give/Take and Closing the sale




John Niland is widely respected as a professional speaker, as well as being a coach, trainer and author and occasional guest lecturer at business-schools and professional associations. He is best known for his “value-centred” approach to issues in management and business-development, honed over a twenty-year career working with top professionals to enhance the value of their work.

In 2016, a series of personal events led him to write “The Self-Worth Safari”, a book and program to ignite self-worth in individuals and transform their careers, sales, confidence, and personal lives. In 2018, he established The Self-Worth Academy, a global network of professionals passionate about promoting self-worth (and self-awareness) as a foundation for life and work.

John’s previous books include “Hidden Value”, “100 Tips to Find More Time”, “Opportunity Conversations” and “The Courage to Ask” (co-authored with Kate Daly). He is a co-founder of the European Forum of Independent Professionals and previous CEO of Education for the Children, which works with families in Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty. He divides his time between Lisbon, Portugal, and London, England.


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