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The Self-Worth Safari

In your career and work, finances, and indeed all areas of life, experience the transformative power of a key relationship—the friendship you have with yourself.

In a world obsessed with building self-esteem—doing activities to improve our reputation with ourselves—our sense of well-being hinges on performance, the whims of good luck and positive outcomes. But when we don’t measure up to our own tough standards, things don’t go our way or life falls apart, we are called to access a deeper source of resilience, that of self-worth.

In The Self-Worth Safari, author, speaker and business coach John Niland invites us on a powerful adventure to uncover this intrinsic state of value, which is ultimately untouched by changing Fortune.

Along the journey, seven self-worth shifts reorient our perspective. Through simple, practical actions, we train ourselves to step off the hamster wheel of self-esteem and onto the untrodden paths of self-worth. We move from a stance of self-reproach to self-acceptance; from constantly evaluating our performance to focusing on our to clients, customers and others; from a preoccupation with “being interesting” to finding interest in the people and circumstances around us.

By applying these shifts through six key “terrains” of life—the body, relationships and family, career and work, money and status, friendship and environment and leisure—we develop a faithful ally in challenging times. We better rebound from setbacks, find new meaning in what we do and honour ourselves as a valuable member of any enterprise or Team.

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What people are saying:

The Self-Worth Safari shows you how to stop being a slave to your own self-doubt and anxiety, and ultimately discover more joy by becoming your own best friend. Marshall Goldsmith

The New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Lord Chesterfield advised, “A man had better overvalue than undervalue himself. …Whatever real merit you have, other people will discover; and people always magnify their own discoveries, as they lessen those of others.” In The Self-Worth Safari, John Niland beautifully expands on this sage advice. It is a compelling and action-oriented guide on learning to befriend and value oneself. Peppered with humor and story, this is a must-read for anyone struggling with how to value themselves or live up to their own expectations, creating a reputation with themselves with which they can be proud. Ronald J. Baker

Radio-Show Host, The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy, and author of the best-selling Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms

The Self-Worth Safari is a fresh perspective on how self-worth is fundamental, at the core of every human being’s ability to be impactful.

Monika Majvaldová

Head&Heart Leadership Prague