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“So many years of education, yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it is so
important.” – Unknown


Young people in the 21st century are faced with unique challenges when compared to young people of previous decades. In the UK alone, 1 student dies of suicide every 4 days as re-ported by the Office of National Statistics. Academic pressures, pressure from parents and endless pressure from social media and peers have left young people feeling that they must constantly prove their worth through their accomplishments or through the recognition and praise of others. As a result, their relationship with themselves is largely predicated on conditions that need to be met in order to gain and maintain their own approval.

Self-worth is often left out of the wellbeing discussion and as a result, we are seeing a rise in some very disturbing tends among students today. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for Americans between 10 and 34. Solely focusing on self-esteem has generated a society plagued with fears of inadequacy and lacking residency skills. Unlike self-esteem which is contingent on performance, self-worth provides the resilience to recover from such challenges as academic struggles, career uncertainty, social exclusion, the loss of a relationship/friendship, financial worry and all of the feelings that can be associated with these.

“With self-worth, they can avoid bullying, mental-health challenges or self-harm”
– Amy Moser


The Self-Worth Academy is dedicated to integrating the concept of self-worth into the mental health offerings for today’s youth. By equipping young people with the unwavering power of self-worth we enable them at a young age to develop something static that will strengthen the inner core of who they are and will help them overcome inevitable setbacks.

Our educational programming is developed in consultation with academics around the globe who support young people first hand in their struggles with low self-worth. The core of our educational resources are outlined in John Niland’s most recent publication The Self-Worth Safari, filled with rich and relevant content relating to the student experience. Through small every-day actions, readers will learn how to:

– Drop useless self-assessments and replace these with self-compassion and kindness to one self (vs. damaging self-criticism and/or conditional friendship with self)
– Practice self-compassion
– Bounce back from setbacks or rejection
– Have difficult conversations
– Overcome feelings of anxiety and fear

We invite you to book a call with one of our Self-Worth coaches today. Our associates specialise in working with young people, their parents and the professionals who support them. Their coaching sessions help you navigate ways to build upon your own self-worth and ways to best support and instil self-worth in the young people in your life.

“If we can bring the sense of self-worth into schools, children will succeed better and have a better future”
– Frances Reynolds


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