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Self-Worth Week Recordings

Have Access to all Recordings from our Self-Worth Week Conference

It include keynotes, interviews, workshops focusing on how self-worth improves your life in these 3 core streams:

  1. Work
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Relationships

Open Programs

Welcome to the Self-Worth adventure – a journey in 4 steps:

  1. Discovering the power of self-worth, to deal with setbacks
  2. Safari: living and working on the basis of self-worth
  3. Facilitating and developing self-worth with others
  4. Becoming an Associate of Self-Worth Academy

E-Course Sustaining Your Business

In this course, we take a structured walk through your existing business, with a view to adapting it to thrive in the economy of the future.

We look at the 5 “C”s of: Clients, Costs, Cash, Connection & Communication and Creativity.


Self-worth is a deep belief in your inherent value as a person, from a position of unconditional friendship with yourself. You don’t earn self-worth by doing worthy things: you already have it.


Our current culture of the “optimized” self is creating a fair share of problems. For example, a nagging sense of insecurity, a lot of energy spent proving ourselves, sometimes even depression, often with quite successful people, whose experience is a sense of disappointment with themselves.


To provide a learning space where people can deepen self-worth and translate this into practical living: as entrepreneurs, managers and professionals.  We particularly want to empower those doing development work with others, e.g. young people. Through practical webinars, coaching and training, our purpose is to enhance your capacity to act and have an impact in the world.

“What we must decide is how we are valuable, rather than how valuable we are”

Edgar Z. Friedenberg



Attend an Event

Meet either in person or online with other like-minded individuals to help you on your journey.

Self-Worth Coaching

If you would like motivation and 1:1 assistance, John Niland coaches on self-worth as do other experts (associates).

Become an Associate

Week-long coach training program, firmly rooted in unconditional self-worth rather than in conditional self-esteem.

Self-Worth Keynotes

Learn how self-worth empowers professionals to raise the value of what they do.
What’s Your Story – Kerry Thompson

What’s Your Story – Kerry Thompson

8th - 13th of February 2021 For more information and registration, please click belowI’ve always been a driven career woman, but it hasn’t always been easy. Over the years, I have thrown myself into my career, met wonderful colleagues and clients, and enjoyed working...

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What’s Your Story – Laura Vesajoki

8th - 13th of February 2021 For more information and registration, please click belowIn 2019, Laura Vesajoki went through a serious health scare and medical treatments that profoundly changed her life and awakened in her new insights and meaning towards life. Since...

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What’s Your Story – Amy Moser

What’s Your Story – Amy Moser

8th - 13th of February 2021 For more information and registration, please click belowAmy Moser is a coach based in Ealing, London. She has been a coach for ten years, after working in employee communication for 20 years. Amy is an associate with HelpingKids Ltd. and...

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