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The purpose of the online safari is to support people in their journey to deeper self-worth, as well as those who are further along this road already. I am hosting bi-weekly calls (a call every two weeks), with expert guests joining along the way. The calls are on Wednesdays at 6 pm UK time (1 pm Eastern, 7 pm CET). We’ll convene on Zoom so we can have a face to face interaction (even if virtually). 

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Next Call: On our call Oct, 10th at 18h UK time (19h CET), I will go over a very important discussion of How our Self-worth Affects Conversations we have around Pay (salary, fees & rates).

Description:When we are asked to come up with a fee (or a salary expectation), we often think about us: i.e. what we charged last time, what other people like us charge, what makes us special, our qualifications, our experience etc. However, people who have established self-worth don’t need to thing about themselves: they know they are valuable already.

About the Online Safari Calls: NB: no slides or presentations! This is a human-to-human interactive conversation 😊

Topics coming up include:

– Oct 24th: How to maintain self-care in a busy agenda with Claudia Vettore

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